Monday, 11 May 2009

Time to wipe the dust off my blog.

I am so very ashamed that it has taken me this long to blog again.

You must understand, I was trapped in a stalemate. With myself. You see, I haven't blogged for so long that I have lots of things I want to say. The more I have to say, the less inclined I am to say it. The more time passes, the more there is to say...and so on and so forth. See what I mean? However, Simon has convinced to let my voice be heard, so I am blowing the proverbial dust off my blog.

The last time I blogged it was Easter-time and I was home. For two whole glorious weeks I was out every single day spending time with the people I love. I was happy, and it stuck. To continue with what seems to be a common blog theme at the moment, I realised that I love my life. Honestly. I had what translates as a two-week holiday to my life, and it was amazing. A pointless conversation about Disney songs, grocery shopping with mia madre, the alarmingly-large amounts of time spent at Dr. Juice. The most banal things of my everyday existence kept a smile on my face for fifteen days straight.

When I was talking to some friends of mine here in Verona before I came down, I remember one of them saying that she didn't think she could go home, as she wouldn't want to come back. This thought did cross my mind, but when it really came down to it, I was ready to leave. The reminder that this, my life, will waiting for me when I go back home just made me determined to enjoy my time in Verona to my utmost ability. This experience has the potential to be a chance for me to really get to know myself, and to try and discover what I really want to do with my life.

Fine, my procrastination is epic, my side of the room is always slightly messier than hers and I eat the same tuna salad every single day. But I'm happy. I've found true friends here. I love to explore and discover a hidden piazza, or a picturesque street. The weather is finally reaching appropriately sunny levels. My mum gave me a mini-telescope to further facilitate MuseuMe. 

Life is good.

See you in 2 months and 2 weeks.


Simon said...

Well, I'm happy you finally decided to enjoy your stay there and make the best of it, and learn from it.
You know we are ready to greet you back when it's time for you to come back, but I'm gonna be disappointed in you if you spend your time there moping around cause you're not here.
Proud of you for blogging again

lol..the word verification: debleddu

Nessa said...

Finally hehe, love the new decision. Dont waste ure time on moping, it only bring regret..which is an even greater waste of time :D

Lara said...

so glad ur happy again pupa ... u have 2 months of self-discovery left, enjoy it ... we're here when u come bk :) and don't forget all the fun things we discussed ... can't wait :) love ya XD xxx

Sarah said...

Happy for ya cic!!! I mean... its Verona...... V-E-R-O-N-A!!! So smile.... and bask in the beauty of it all... me... its the freakin beauty of a DNA strand.... *sighs*

God bless love... dnt be like me... keep the blog going... hehehe ...

x x x x x


Rachie said...

I'm glad to see a blogpost and couldn't care for much else. No let dooooon from this end ^^

*smiles innocently* =D *hugs*


Allie said...

The trick is to blog soon after an experience! Don't procrastinate! Love you!

MINA said...

it's great to see you blogging again!
stammi bene!

Matt said...

Me likes the new look... Ejja positivityyy XD

Life is good, we just have to stop assuming that it isn't :)

Zoe said...

Love life (: that's the best way to go, I would love to be in Verona with you taking photos and seeing art so like appreciate the stay for me as well (meaning you have to have double the fun now!)
I love you and will be waiting in Malta when you come back to hug you and have goji berries together (: