Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dear Achie...

OK. So. Right.

I looked at my last post and realised that I have a lot to blog about. And I'll get to that eventually. What this really is is a comment on a certain someone's blog that kind of turned into a blog in its own right. The excessive length would've made it a bit of a strange and I would have probably been forced to stop myself at some point. Here I'm free to go on and on and on as I see fit. And so, I will proceed to write my very first blog-answering-blog. I apologise for the lack of structure of any kind.

I'm proud of you. For many reasons. Some of which I will proceed to list:

You went for it. You wanted to do something completely random for yourself and you did.
So, it didn't work out the way you hoped it would. You shrug, put on a beanie and deal with it. So many people can't do that. Instead they whine and whinge and make everyone around them feel miserable and prone to violence. You do your own thing and don't give a rat's ass about what people might think about that. To me you're real and natural, no matter what the colour of your hair may be.

Blonde want brown, straight want curly, long want short. Whatever. It's hair. We've moved past that now I think...
We always think we know what's best for ourselves. It takes a lot to admit to ignorance. But there really is bliss in knowing that you don't know. It feels a little scary to let go of that sense of control. OK so maybe it feels a lot scary. It reminds me of those trust exercises we always used to do in Personal Development classes. 

You're falling backwards, your eyes screwed shut. Your arms are outstretched and you can't stop your hands from trembling, just a little. You can feel the ground rushing towards you. There's that moment of panic when you think no-one's going to catch you and you're going to hit the ground...hard.

Except you don't.

The hands that catch you are hands that will never let go. Never let you crash to floor. We just refuse to realise that sometimes. We spend our energy hoping we land on a mattress instead of enjoying the freedom in the fall.

We all need reminders. The rant wasn't pointless.

Oh and thanks for the phoqo. Let doooooon? No. I was not.

One mooooore thing: Uncle rocks my socks.

Simon: learn how to spell prefer please. It pained me. You know I love you.

You know what? I don't really care who has more fun. I am neither blonde nor brunette and I think I do pretty well for myself...


Rachie said...

Firstly, I pity all the people following you who think you wrote a genuine post :P
To be honest I do get a bit grumpy when people keep telling me "but why the beanie? I really like it!"
And I think I'm going to email you the rest of my comment cause this is probably going to be long :P

(the captcha is too funny: kismssks xD)

Matt said...

This is probably the most erratic blog i have ever read. It's ok for the first half but then... double-you-tee-eff?

Then again I'm really, really tired. And you two are quite odd.


Simon said...

i'm sorry to say...krissie dear, i didnt read it....i read the first sentence and decided im not going to be able to follow, as i read achie's a while ago, and didnt want to go back to her's to read it...
and stop bugging me about the suck...full stop. :)

nessa said...

Funny thing, I didnt read achies blog first so it sounded really inspirational until I read Achie's blog and then blogged about hair!! The love is still there though XD xxx