Sunday, 28 June 2009


*cracks fingers*

you wouldn't believe this, but this is Simon, typing on his mac, but using Krissie's screen from one county to the other. she is just sitting there watching letters appear as my fingers dance across a different keyboard.
*smiles* macs are amazing

It's rather cool actually. Kind of like sharing a brain for a little while. Like two lemmings. Fighting for the cursor instead of the mic. He's trying to make me write bboooobbies guys. Very mature Sim.


Possibilities are indeed endless. I think we should use the evil powers Apple so kindly supplied us with for good. Don't you?

I can foresee many interesting projects...anyway it's even more fun because while i'm typing on her blog (while not signed in to her account, just want to make it clear) I can browse her windows files and so on....her computer is completely open to me .*evil laugh*

*swallows* followed by *nervous laughter* Simon. I can see the cursor moving. STOP IT. (I'm correcting his grammar. He doesn't like it. Well tough. S'my blog.

(we just had a cursor fight)

well....along with having her computer on my screen, i, sadly, have her voice in my ear :P I joke i joke.

*How MEEEEEAN!* (I actually just said that.) As soon as he wrote "sadly" I knew what was coming. Thanks ah!

trust me guys, the capital letters are justified.

Teehee ^^ This could go on for a while Sim. Dammit I should be studying...ah well. If all else fails it's Cafe time!

*with a bow and a touch to the forehead* i bid thee farewell


Ta ta for now.

Friday, 26 June 2009

If I close my eyes, I'm there.

There's the most amazing smell; a mixture of roast coffee, fresh muffins, oil paints and well-worn paperbacks. I can see the art on the walls, the beanbags and squashy sofas, the giant coffee cups...practically bowls with know the ones. The sounds of pages turning, people laughing and the gentle strumming of a guitar being tuned in preparation of a live set.

I can't wait to make it a reality. As of right now, that's my dream for the future. I know my Professor's already planning my Doctorate degree. Right. I'm going to have to break the news to him at some point. Maybe when I tell him about my year out...that's going to be a fun conversation. Ah well. It'll be worth it. The place I go when I close my eyes: I'm going to make it a reality. Just try and stop me.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Positive Procrastination.

It's inevitable. The moment I sit down to work, my mind jumps from one possible for of distraction to another. Food. Email check. Facebook. Tea. More Facebook. Even cleaning up my room (yes, it has come to that.) Anything that will keep me from facing the massive pile of notes awaiting my highlighter. Yes, I highlight now.

Anyway, I'll get to the point. The point being my new Hillsong United CD. The one that has sent me into sporadic spasms of excitement and glee over the past couple of months. Finally, it has arrived. So I have decided to give in to a more positive form of procrastination. I am going to share my CD with all of you :) I have uploaded all the songs onto

Just click on the links below and they'll lead you to the files, all ready to be downloaded.
My procrastination present to all of you hardcore study fiends out there.

1. Freedom Is Here

2. No Reason to Hide
(I assumed you all have that one already so I didn't bother uploading it ^^)

3. More Than Anything

4. King of All Days

5. Desert Song

6. Oh You Bring

7. Tear Down the Walls

8. Soon

9. You Hold Me Now

10. Arms Open Wide

11. Your Name High

12. Yours Forever

They'll be up for 7 days before the website disables the files so hurry hurry hurry! Enjoy :)

One more thing. For some reason I was thinking about last year's CLC Seminar today. One of the things that had impressed me most was a short film in Spanish that Josie showed us. I won't tell you what it's about, because I'll ruin the whole point of the film. It's really short. 6 minutes, that's all.

While you're waiting for the songs to download, take six minutes to watch this video. It's one of those things that makes you think. And keeps you thinking. I know the aversion that most people have to blog videos, but this is worth it, I promise. I was going to actually upload the video. But my internet is fighting me on this. So I will leave you yet ANOTHER link...but please follow it ^^

So there you go. 
Positive procrastination. The way of the future :)

A Bientot!