Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Icing On My Life

I'm supposed to be studying, and that can only mean one thing: I have a tray of baked goods in the oven and a baby cousin on my lap.

This is my Ode to Procrastination.
Hi, I'm Kristina.

Yesterday I started thinking about all the things that make me me.
The things that make some people laugh, while others roll their eyes.
Some just flat out don't like me. I don't float their boat.
Ah well. All I can do is smile and keep on swimming.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

I like to bake. Well OK, fine. I guess that's an understatement.
Like if I were to say I like Blueberry Muffins. Not enough.
According to some, it's my goal in life to make people fat.
I guess there are worse things I could be accused of.
If you don't like it, don't eat my brownies. [I'm just saying.]

Art Galleries. I cry. No seriously: I cry.
I. Am. Art. Nerd.
And I embrace it, so that's OK.
I can't imagine things being any other way.
[The Force is strong with this one]

Music makes the world go round, the world go round,
The world go round. Well it gives it a soundtrack at any rate.
I keep forgetting not to sing at the top of my lungs,
Cause Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore and there are people living underneath us.
But I sing really loudly in the shower. I figure it doesn't count.

Jane Eyre took no shit. I give her props for that.
War and Peace is burning a hole in my library.
The library that my dad had to build for me since I had enough books to fill an entire wall.
Floor to ceiling. I like to read. I'm bookish. I even have glasses dont'cha know.
I read Shakespeare because I like to. Not because I have to.

Jesus is the reason I am.
That's all there is to it really. He died and I am saved.
And though I could never deserve a love like that, it is freely given to me.
Now I don't know about you, but in my books that's pretty incredible.
And I live in celebration everyday because of that fact.

I'm loud. I talk a lot. When I laugh it sounds like a goose being strangled.
Don't worry, you'll get used to it pretty quickly.
I fall over my own feet if given half a chance. I say stupid things when I forget to think before I open
My stupid mouth. But I always say sorry.
And mean it too.
I own funny hats. And scarves. LOTS of scarves.
I'm average height. For a ten-year-old.
Enough about me. You'll figure the rest out as we go along.

Hi, I'm Kristina.


MINA said...

this made me smile so much. wheee still smiling

Simon said...

i read it all with a smile on my face a raised eye brow and nodding slowly.
hi, im simon

nessa said...

I love you :) While reading I was thinking how lucky I am to know you :) ahh it made me happy :)

Matt said...

You should be studying! :P

Steve Diacono said...

Hi krissie XD

this blog made me laugh, smile and nod in agreement :P

karla said...

i really need that atm have no idea how much i need to smile. seriously.

I like yellow and i have a hair band with a big yellow bow on it that ive worn on several occassions.
I eat what I want, when I want and how much I want and i remain thin because I'm sick every month and my body has natural bolemia.
I enjoy your company whenever I am around you.
I tend to make people laugh and giggle.
And I want to have your babies.
Hi, I'm Karla

lara said...

haha i love u and all the things that make you you kristina :)

Bahsheep said...

i likey very muchly (: